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Full Terms and Conditions

- What can I put in My Red Dumpster?
Most often people will rent our dumpsters to dispose of construction debris (demolished material from something like a roof replacement or bathroom renovation), unwanted furniture, household clutter, old toys, or yard waste.  They're perfect for spring cleaning!

- Is there anything I can't put in it?
There are a few things we can't take, and a few things we charge an extra fee for.  Prohibited items include household waste (think kitchen or bathroom garbage), hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, anything toxic, radioactive, or explosive), wet paint cans (please let the paint in them dry completely before disposing), and tires.  Items we will take but need to charge extra for include mattresses, box springs, and propane tanks.  Please read our terms carefully before checkout to avoid getting a surprise charge.

- Can I have My Red Dumpster placed on the road in front of my house?
You'll have to check with your town.  Even if you're allowed to park a car there, most towns will require a permit to place a dumpster, and some may outright prohibit it.  You'll have to show our driver a permit before they will place the dumpster on a road.

- Where will you place My Red Dumpster?
Our goal is to put it in the most convenient spot for you, safely and legally.  Driveways are the most popular request, but we can put them on grass or dirt too!  While we can put down boards under the dumpster to protect pavement or grass, driving over grass or dirt may leave marks.  It's also important that there is ample space to back our truck in, no low hanging branches or power lines, and that the ground is stable and not too steep.  All of our dumpsters are about 8 feet wide, and range from 13 to 16 feet long.  If you want to open the rear gate of the dumpster while loading it, you'll also need at least 8 feet of space behind it.  We cannot currently place dumpsters on top of or inside houses, underwater, or in trees.

- How much can I put in My Red Dumpster?
It depends on what you're throwing out.  We plan soon to have some visual guidelines marked in the dumpster to show how much you can put in before it's too heavy for the truck, but here's some rules of thumb:
- Rocks, concrete, dirt: About 1/3 of the dumpster wall height
- Heavy non rocky construction debris (shingles are the most common in this class): 1/2 of the wall height
- Light construction debris, furniture, spring cleaning garbage: fill 'er up!  But please don't pile it up above the rim of the dumpster.
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